Week 12 – BATISMO e MILAGRES (Baptisms & Miracles)

Oi!!! Tudo bem?!

for this next transfer i am staying in Vargem Grande but its sad the other sisters that are here are being transferred and closing their area so its just me and my companion here with elders having half of the area. Disclaimer my keyboard is really weird i do know how to spell sort of haha
so due to a series of unfortuniate events we only had 3 batimos on saturday but 3 nonetheless!!!! so awesome!!! It was a sweet moment for our invesigator ameila and rita join their family in batismo and they recieved the gift of the holy ghost yesterday it was so sweet! This past friday our investigator Fabiana and Genivaldo a couple we taught them and Fabiana is commited for batismo in july! and it is a miracle yall have no idea! they have had a hard time recongizing their answer about the book of mormon and the Joseph smith but the spirit is working with them little by little and Genivaldo the husband wants but he isnt certain in setting a date yet but he will. we found lots of new investigators and we have more now that the sisters are leaving. I have seen milagres through prayer and i know that the lord hears and has a plan! the work is continuing right along.
So receently i have given yall lost of invitations to read conference talks and scriptures and its my job as a missionary to follow up soo…..Have yall read and stuided? if not i encourgae and invite yall to go back and see the past emails and my invitations and i would love to hear yalls tender mercies and the things you learned from the invitations. and just so yall know i havent invted yall to do things i havent done. i have read studied and prayed and it has blessed my life. I know this gospel blesses families! i see it everyday! I know it will bless yalls as well! Satan is attacking families harder and more then ever before and we need now more than ever before to listen and take heed to the prophet and apostles council! they are inspired and are given the call and gift to see the dangers ahead and are guided by the Savior how to avoid these dangers that Satan has laid to attacking the family and the salvation of others. I encourage yall to study the Family Procalmation to the World and the The living Christ the testimony of the prophet and apostles.
I love yall so much! and pray yall have a great week!!!
Love Sister Hinson