My Story

My name is Carman and I am from Texas.
I am a military wife married for almost 15 years and we have four kids.
This is my story.
My husband and I were married in July 1996.
I was always thin and active so the thought of weight never really crossed my mind.
I was about 130lbs when I got married.
We had our first baby girl in July 1997.
After she was born, the baby weight did not come off naturally and that was the first time I ever had to really deal with ‘loosing weight’.
About six months later my husband joined the Air Force in Jan 1998 and that took us on a whole new life adventure.While we were at our first duty station at Pope AFB, NC, it was our first time ever leaving the great state of Texas and really having to do things on our own. My husband had this new PT standard to uphold and we found Body for Lifeby Bill Phillips to get fit & healthier. It worked great for those last stubborn baby weight pounds and body fat and I was able to maintain my weight around 140lbs.

A couple years later we tried getting pregnant again and failed twice–one ectopic pregnancy and then a miscarriage all in the same year (2001) and within 6 months of each other. That was an extremely hard & depressing time for me and I found my weight creeping up to 155lbs.We were left with taking Clomid to see if that would help us get pregnant.

In February 2002, my husband left for his first deployment to Afghanistan. Before he left, we had found out  we got a new assignment to McChord AFB, WA and were to report in July. So while he was away, I focused on packing up our entire house and entertaining our toddler all while really trying not to stress about my husband being in a war zone. He came home safely in May and we found out in July we were expecting TWINS to go with our cross country move!! I was about 150lbs then and at that point that number seemed to be my hoovering plateau that I couldn’t break through without serious effort.

I gained about 50+lbs during that pregnancy and thanks to 14 1/2 pounds of babies got to shed a little more than usual after delivery! They were healthy and a little over 7lbs EACH!!
My plateaued weight after the babies was about 175lbs. To top off getting used to having twin babies and a toddler, my husband left for a deployment to Iraq just 3 days after they were born. I didn’t know where he was going and at one point didn’t hear from him for about 3 weeks so I struggled with some postpartum depression and anxiety. I am so thankful for my Mama because she was able to come up and stay with me during that stressful and hard time in my life. Living so far away from family I couldn’t have made it through without her and the help of awesome friends around us.

Roughly 6 months later in Sept/Oct 2003 he got tasked for another deployment this time back to Afghanistan on what was supposed to be a 3 month deployment turned into a 6 months and he missed the twin babies first everything–from Halloween to Easter.

  I was so lucky to have some amazing friends who were runners. I needed an outlet/hobby/stress reliever so I decided to give it a try again. I always hated running in TX and NC cause it was so hot and humid. Running in WA was a DREAM because the scenery is beautiful and the weather is awesome for  running….especially when its drizzling!!  A natural body mister. 😉  I ended up buying an amazing double jogger running stroller and it became my ritual (and therapy) to run with the twins and our dog Jasper, a rat terrier,  every morning after I got my oldest daughter off to school. It was so theraputic and helped me to shed 30lbs while my husband was on his deployment.

My honey & I after his 6 month deployment
April 2004

We went on a much needed Anniversary cruise in July 2004
with some amazing friends!!

In May 2006 we moved cross country again to our new assignment at Hurlburt Field, FL. We were excited to only be 10 hours from family in TX–the closest we’d been in 10 years.
My sister-in-law Lexy and I were finally able to start talking about running a race together since we were ‘closer’ and we found the Country Music Marathon in Nashville to meet up and run at in April 2007. I was having some hip/leg pain while running and was pretty discouraged when my sweet husband signed me up for Jeff Galloway’s Running Retreat that happened to be held in Blue Mountain Beach just about an hour away from where we lived. I got to meet Jeff Galloway with about 8 other people in a small group setting seminar at a beach cabin!! It was amazing to sit and listen to him talk for 2 1/2 days on his run/walk method & eating tips.

The best part about the clinic is that we got to RUN with Jeff several different times. He made running look sooo easy and made it fun and enjoyable!  He also evaluated each one personally on their running form and tips to improve. The biggest tip he had for me was that my stride was too long and I needed to take shorter/quicker steps. It helped tremendously with my hip pain!! I also showed him my calendar with my ‘marathon training plan’ on it and went thru it marking what long miles I should be doing on each Saturday.

I started officially training in January and was able to complete my 1st full marathon in Nashville! That was a huge accomplishment for me to just be able to finish one in my lifetime because I never thought I could actually do it. It is such an amazing feeling coming across the finish line realizing that YOU are the one that got yourself there physically. Its a moment in my life I will never forget!

coming up to the finish line!!

still standing!! 😉


165lbs marathon training and only lost 5lbs
We had been trying to get pregnant again for several months and a couple of days before leaving for Nashville to run my marathon I found out I was expecting!!! I didn’t tell anyone but my husband and after I completed my 26.2 miles I broke the news to everyone else at dinner later that evening!!  It was so fun seeing the look on everyone’s face! I was still in shock myself.

In January 2008, we welcomed our baby boy to our now complete family!!
It was such a thrill to finally have our BOY!
The scaled tipped at 200lbs a week before I had him and I vowed to myself that I never wanted to weigh that much not pregnant. I started out at my heaviest getting pregnant this time around and so I have that much more to loose to get to my goal weight.

about 180lbs
my little man about 5 months old
In July 2008 we got orders to Houston, TX and were so thrilled to be living much closer to family! We are excited that our kids got to live the military life and experience life around the country, but they would also get the opportunity to experience growing roots.
 about 177lbs when we moved to TX
still lots of baby weight to looseIn May 2008, before we moved from FL I signed up for WW (thanks to the motivation of my SIL Lexy who had done sooo awesome!!)  I lost about 20lbs over about 4 months. Then I quit going to the meetings cause I didn’t know anyone and didn’t feel like I fit in.
(in hindsight this is exactly why the Buddy system works for me!!)

For the last 2+ years I have let myself get ‘comfortable’ fluctuating between 160-168lbs. This is not my ‘Happy Carman’ weight. I try to make myself believe that I can be happy and not care about what I eat, or have to work out but it really is not true.

my weight chart over the years

Christmas 2010

Joined WW online Feb 2011

March 2011
(159 lbs)
Started going to the meetings instead of just doing it online March 4, 2011 for the accountability.
I feel healthier and tons better when I am putting ME first (respectively) and doing those things which make me healthier!
I am better to myself, as a wife, mom, friend, etc when I am on that path.


April 2011

The hardest part for me has been really learning to take each day by day and enjoy the journey instead of wanting my results right now! It just doesn’t happen. There is NO secret!!!

It is truly DURING the journey where we learn about ourselves, overcome our weaknesses, and gain power from our strengths.

May 2011
(150.6 lbs)
June 2011
145 lbs—>WW Goal Weight!!
(before pic taken Sept 2008 at 175lbs)
July 2011
After writing all this out….I now really realize how much I have accomplished and overcome in my life so far! I am extremely grateful for the experiences and trials that I have had–because they have made me into the woman that I am.
Keep On Keeping On.

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