Week 12 – BATISMO e MILAGRES (Baptisms & Miracles)

Oi!!! Tudo bem?!

for this next transfer i am staying in Vargem Grande but its sad the other sisters that are here are being transferred and closing their area so its just me and my companion here with elders having half of the area. Disclaimer my keyboard is really weird i do know how to spell sort of haha
so due to a series of unfortuniate events we only had 3 batimos on saturday but 3 nonetheless!!!! so awesome!!! It was a sweet moment for our invesigator ameila and rita join their family in batismo and they recieved the gift of the holy ghost yesterday it was so sweet! This past friday our investigator Fabiana and Genivaldo a couple we taught them and Fabiana is commited for batismo in july! and it is a miracle yall have no idea! they have had a hard time recongizing their answer about the book of mormon and the Joseph smith but the spirit is working with them little by little and Genivaldo the husband wants but he isnt certain in setting a date yet but he will. we found lots of new investigators and we have more now that the sisters are leaving. I have seen milagres through prayer and i know that the lord hears and has a plan! the work is continuing right along.
So receently i have given yall lost of invitations to read conference talks and scriptures and its my job as a missionary to follow up soo…..Have yall read and stuided? if not i encourgae and invite yall to go back and see the past emails and my invitations and i would love to hear yalls tender mercies and the things you learned from the invitations. and just so yall know i havent invted yall to do things i havent done. i have read studied and prayed and it has blessed my life. I know this gospel blesses families! i see it everyday! I know it will bless yalls as well! Satan is attacking families harder and more then ever before and we need now more than ever before to listen and take heed to the prophet and apostles council! they are inspired and are given the call and gift to see the dangers ahead and are guided by the Savior how to avoid these dangers that Satan has laid to attacking the family and the salvation of others. I encourage yall to study the Family Procalmation to the World and the The living Christ the testimony of the prophet and apostles.
I love yall so much! and pray yall have a great week!!!
Love Sister Hinson

Humility Patience and O Que ISSO????

I AM IN THE FIELD!!! i am in Vargem grande its a small town outside Sao Paulo. There is life after the CTM!! My companion is Sister Soares she is brazilian and speaks some english which is a blessing. We walk everywhere! it is insane but apparently this is nothing comapared to other parts of the mission. But i bet i can set a new record climbing table rock when i get back. and i have a sunburn pretty bad and some funcky tanlines already. my mission is pretty small iut takes 2 hours to get from one end to the other of the misison. i love it here. The people are welcoming but they dont want to folow up on the invitations we give them. I love my mission president and wofe so much they are amazing!!!! i love it here it is so beautiful it looks like tarzan!! its a jungle!!! the weather here is so nice right now but it will get hot and i cant imagine it haha but tudo bem.the ward i am in is amazing there are 6 missionaries in our ward 4 sisters and 2 elders. this satuday we are having a ward talent show and it is going to be awesome!! the members feed us everyday except P-day and the food is sooo good here!!! beans rice juices some meat a salad anbd sometimes pasta. brazilans eat limes and lemons like apples its crazy!! but they are way sweeter here we cant drink the water her unless its bottled.

our schedule is different so we wake up at 7am but 6:55 to pray togethere as companions and we exercise plan study and comapnainonship study and get ready for the day by that is done its bout 10:-11am and we start to walk to our lunch appoinment and sometimes it takes an hour to walk there. then after lunch we proseltyte and teach and make contacts and we start to go home about 7:30 becasue its not safe at night we cant carry a bunch of stuff with so we dont get robbed but with all the dangers i feel safe and protected. the men here wo arent members like to give hugs and kisses on the cheeks and so you have to lean back and keep a firm arm for them to handshake. I leanred that the hard way. haha when we get home its about 8pm and we study more language comapnionship and for our investigators. and get ready for bed and go to bed at the latest 11pm.
this week we were walking and i saw something on the powerlines and i asked my comapnion o que isso?! and she sais macao a MONKEY!!! like the ones in the movie rio!!! it was soooo cool!!!!
the mission is very humbning and i have to be patient with myself with the lanugagfte and etc. the houses here have no HVAC or instlation and the bathroom its just a shower head toilet and sink.
 the mission is hard physicaly emotionally and mentally but i know that this is the lords work and my desires are like the sons of mosiah in the book of mormon in Mosiah 28:3-4 and Alma 17:3-5,8-12 I know this is the restored gospel and that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is the ONLY TRUE church of jesus christ on the earth, and yes i am that bold when i say that. I know jospeh smith translated NOT written the BOOK of MORMON and that this church contains a fullness of the gospel!!! i am willingf to endure anything and everything the lords asks of me i will endure the blazing sun pain in my feet till they go numb from pain and up hills and in pouriong rain  becasue this RESTORED GOSPEL IS TRUE! I know i have been called by God through a prophret today to serve the people of brazil nd I am giving it my very all until i collapse in to bed each night in pain knowing i talked to everyone possible and went everywhere the Lord wanted me to go.

Surprise Pictures & Message!!! <3

We just received our first FaceBook message and pictures of Sister Hinson from one of her ward members in Brazil!!!!! How sweet it is to see pictures of her with the people of Brazil!!!!! ❤ 

“Olá irmã…Sou Elaine e sua filha Sister Hinson está em nossa cidade….Sua filha é muito especial e já está falando português.Deu a mensagem e está bem feliz.

Vou mandar fotos de hoje dia 04 maio 2017….Sister Hinson é muito feliz no Brasil. Vou cuidar bem dela aqui. Meu filho está na missão na Argentina à 12 meses…. Amo ajudar e cuidar desses representearem de Jesus Cristo.”


Hi sister … I am Elaine and your daughter Sister Hinson is in our town…. Your daughter is very special and she is already speaking Portuguese. She gave the message and she is very happy.

I’m going to send photos today, 04 May 2017 …. Sister Hinson is very happy in Brazil. I’ll take good care of her here. My son is on the mission in Argentina at 12 months …. I love helping and caring for those representing Jesus Christ.

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Her companion – Sister Soares

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First Picture in 6 weeks!!!!! 

This mamas heart is SOOO HAPPY to finally get a picture of my baby girl after 6 longgg weeks!!!! She left the CTM today and we received an email from her new mission president that she arrived in her first area and is getting all settled in. 

Her P-day (personal day) will now be on Monday’s so if you’d like to write her an email it was suggested to write her on Sunday’s. She will get to check her email the first time in the field next Monday, the 8th. 
Thank you for all your love and support!! ❤️

Week 5 at the CTM


Suprise I am a day early!!! with my emails becasue tomorow sister Marriot is coming from the General board to give us a devotional here at the CTM. SO EXCITED because she is southern! haha me and 5 sisters are singing a special number during it is how great thou art and its so pretty!!! This time tomorrow i will be in my mission!! I am so excited!!! The ctm has flown by and i am so excited to get out there and teach!! The food here is good Coxinha is amazing! and diffused water with lemon and watermelon is amazing too! Brazilians are sp shocked with essential oils its is so funny to see their faces when they smell them. hahaha  My ingles is getting worse and my portuguese is still not good hahaha but it will get there. I have had a few dreams in portuguese and there are words in ingles i only use the portuguese word for. so progress!!!!! The weather is so nice right now bc its winter and i am already getting a narly wrist watch tan! haha and a narly tan on my feet I cant imagine what it is like 17 months from now!
We went proselyting this past Saturday and it was amzing!!! Again they give us 3 book of mormons each a time to be back and just drop you off. In the first 5 mins me and my comapnion placed 2 BOM and our third one was the best one!! We were talking to this man and his family and he is homeless and basically has nothibng and in the portuguese that i could understand he was asking why did he need this book when he has had such a hard life. and I was just able to tell him in my poor portuguese that god loved him and hears his prayers and that he knows him. and that this book will bless his life and his familys. As i am saying this i am in tears my companion is in tears and the man was in tears. The spirit was so strong! he accepted the book of mormon and we got his contact info for other missionaries to come talk to him. We placed all 6 book of Mormons and it was amazing!!! In each BOM i wrote my testimony in Portuguese and highlighted some scriptures. I pray and hope that they really read it becasue I know the BOok of mormon will bring us closer to CHrist. I am here in Brazil with nothing to offer but My whole soul to the Lord and his work in bringing others unto his Restored gospel He is the only way and we have everything in our hands to return and become like him. Alma 5:44-46 Alma 24:14
I love you all!!!!!
Sister Hinson

Week 4 at the CTM



i dont have the much time but just short today the food is so good here and for easter we got ICE CREAM!!! I TREATED MYSELF!! hahaha my inglish is getting bad and my portuguese is not that great still haha but now i say the portuguese word instread of the inglish word now. I hope yall were able to ponder how you can come closer unto christ thios saunday! I love you

Fun Facts!


Some fun facts!!!
I did prostlying this past Saturday and it was an experience!!! The CTM took us to the middle of Sao Paulo gave us 3 BOM each, refferal slips, and a time to be back at the meeting place! So crazy!! So with some portuguese and with hope and faith in my heart I knew the Lord would guide me and my companion to those who needed it. the poverty I have seen here literally breaks my heart. You are considered lucky if you have a tent. I have seen people just in carboard boxes with ripped and almost no clothes. Me and my comp were able to give all 6 of our book of mormons away! The pickles are so good here! Sometimes the food looks sketchy but is so good! The chocolate is also super good!! While on p-day I was able to find Dr.Pepper!!!!! BLESSINGS hahaha its the little things!
Sister Hinson